Tribune-Phonograph article on Fight Nice’s “Abbotsford”

Chicago band releases ‘Abbotsford’ song

By Kevin O’Brien

Tim Wanish’s childhood memories of road tripping through northern Wisconsin sound like something out of “National Lampoon’s Family Vacation.” He and his three siblings would be in the back seat of the car, squabbling as usual, and then his father would announce that they were approaching everyone’s favorite ice cream shop.

If the kids didn’t start getting along, Tim recalls, they wouldn’t get their ice cream cone. In that way, the Hawkeye Dairy store in Abbotsford — with its iconic ice cream cone statue outside — became a beacon of serenity.

“Our whole family would fight just for the sake of fighting,” he said. “Abbotsford was always this great peacemaker along the way.”

Wanish has turned this childhood reverie into a song called “Abbotsford,” which was recently released as the first single from his new band, Fight Nice, a three-piece outfit based in Chicago.

From the Tribune-Phonograph

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About Fight Nice

Influenced by earlier alternative bands, and a broad range of musical styles, Fight Nice’s sound harkens back to the heyday of what was then called college rock, with subtly intellectual lyrics, solid-state distortion, a variety of blues- and rock-based song styles, and DIY production that is a labor of love. With all due respect, Fight Nice would like to get their songs stuck in your head.