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The Rockford Ride

Richard Milne

Nobody asked but perhaps somebody may be interested in what caught my ear on the drive to ref in Rock-town this past weekend (even if it’s only the bands themselves). In no particular order, these recordings all stood out from the others in the bag o’ discs that I brought along in an attempt to catch up on all the Anesthetic submissions.

Fight Nice “Abbotsford”

Read more: The Rockford Ride http://wxrt.radio.com/2012/03/14/the-rockford-ride/#ixzz1pE45gD4k

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About Fight Nice

Influenced by earlier alternative bands, and a broad range of musical styles, Fight Nice’s sound harkens back to the heyday of what was then called college rock, with subtly intellectual lyrics, solid-state distortion, a variety of blues- and rock-based song styles, and DIY production that is a labor of love. With all due respect, Fight Nice would like to get their songs stuck in your head.