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Ice cream and live music from Barrow to Wisconsin

By Earl Finkler

MEDFORD – One thing that Barrow and Medford have in common is a love of ice cream and live music. Chris and I often take our Barrow Husky Avu to a local ice cream shop with a big cone sign on the highway. Avu can sniff out that place when we are still half a mile away. She loves soft vanilla ice cream in a little plastic cup. Finishes it in about two minutes.

In Barrow, we still remember the soft ice cream from the old Brower’s Café on the waterfront in Browerville. Sometimes in summer there would be a line of vehicles leading up to the door of Brower’s. People would drive up, go inside and come out with cones piled high with swirls of ice cream. After the ice cream stop on Saturday nights, some folks would go on to the Barrow Roller Rink to hear the Barrow Tones, kind of indie with classic rock. I’ll always remember when the Tones let me sing my Steppenwolf favorite “Born to be Wild.”

Here in Medford, we recently discovered a Chicago indie band with Wisconsin roots —”Fight Nice.” When Bob Thomas of KBRW and I interviewed them, they said they had relatives north of Medford and that in summer they would often drive up and their parents would say “Fight Nice” as the miles passed by and the youngsters started to joust with each other in the back seat. So the name.

And then to top it off, one of their hot new songs was “Abbotsford,” which is a small town about 15 minutes south of Medford. And which has an excellent ice cream place, with a big cone sign.
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Tribune-Phonograph article on Fight Nice coming to Abbotsford, WI


Chicago band to perform its ‘Abbotsford’ song at Corral

By Kevin O’Brien

The Chicago band that released the song “Abbotsford” earlier this year is coming back to the small town that inspired its debut song this weekend for a performance at the Corral Bar.

Sherri Leu, owner of the Corral, said she contacted the band, Fight Nice, via e-mail and was able to arrange a concert for Saturday night, starting at 8 p.m.

“I hope a lot of people come out and see them,” Leu said. “Not everyone writes a song about Abbotsford.”

Tim Wanish, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, is stoked.

“It’s the coolest thing being invited to play in Abbotsford; we hope that people will come to the show and say hello,” he said in an e-mail. “We have been rehearsing extra for this show; we want to make a good impression with our music.”

Wanish said they have been asked to play two sets of their original material, and he expects the show to last about an hour and a half.

“It’s always fantastic when a club opens their doors for your own original songs, because we write and record our own material, which is a true passion for each of the three of us,” he wrote.
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The Rockford Ride

Richard Milne

Nobody asked but perhaps somebody may be interested in what caught my ear on the drive to ref in Rock-town this past weekend (even if it’s only the bands themselves). In no particular order, these recordings all stood out from the others in the bag o’ discs that I brought along in an attempt to catch up on all the Anesthetic submissions.

Fight Nice “Abbotsford”

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Tribune-Phonograph article on Fight Nice’s “Abbotsford”


Chicago band releases ‘Abbotsford’ song

By Kevin O’Brien

Tim Wanish’s childhood memories of road tripping through northern Wisconsin sound like something out of “National Lampoon’s Family Vacation.” He and his three siblings would be in the back seat of the car, squabbling as usual, and then his father would announce that they were approaching everyone’s favorite ice cream shop. Continue reading